© JJAWG, 2021

JJAWG is a graphic design studio based in North London. With a focus on identity, art direction, print and web design - whilst also crafting books and other objects, born out of curiosity. We are always excited to hear about new ideas, commissions or collaborations and would love to hear from you!

In addition to our studio practice - the ‘STORE’ serves as an extended outlet for our curiosity and collaborations. A platform for ideas and research through the production of apparel, books and other goods. If you are interested in working with JJAWG or distributing an item through the store please contact: hello@jjawg.co.uk

Founded in 2020, by Jen George and Joel Williams.

Email: hello@jjawg.co.uk
Insta: @jjawg_

27B Belfast Road,
London (N16 6UN)